I love this Jorge! Thanks for sharing. This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently.

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Great writing, Jorge! Simple words yet powerful meaning, it's inspiring!

I love when I read someone's article and I can 100% relate. Keep up the good work!

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Nov 16, 2023Liked by Jorge Medina

I love the way you frame ideas as seeds that needs water to grow and trimming to take shape. When I have an idea it takes a while for it to fully take shape. Great analogy!

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I took up learning guitar about a year ago. I started with the Playstation Game Rocksmith and although I can't say that made me a good guitarist, it got me started. I think to be creative it helps if you do two things:

First remove barriers.

I put my guitar in my living room so I can pick it up at any time. If something is easier to do you'll do it more. So if you want to write, put your writing tools in an accessible place.

Second make the thing you're trying to do more of a habit.

If you set a time for an activity and do that you can make it just a thing you do. I walk my dog eat dinner then pick up my instrument. It's not something I do a lot all the time sometimes it's just noodling(playing with no purpose) but spending more time with the thing will help you to be better at it.

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